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About Us

Spero is the Latin word which means ‘to hope for’.

April Thompson The power of hope is in your hands and we will assist you in achieving what you ‘hope for’ in regards to your family.

Spero Family Services’ mission is to assist parents in developing nurturing bonds with their children in order to foster healthy development for their children. This is achieved by assisting the parents in establishing boundaries and limits through constructive discipline techniques.

Founder, April Thompson, has a Masters in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist specializing with children and families. She has extensive years of experience providing therapy with families and at-risk youth in residential shelters, school settings, in-home outpatient services, residential group homes for abused and neglected children and adolescents, and foster-care agencies. She Graduated from Vanguard University in 2002 with her Masters. (MFT License # 0001489).


Statistics have shown that children are more compliant if there is consistency and structure in the home. We work from an approach modeled after Attachment based theories.  These models empower parents to have authority over their children while viewing their children with value.  The parents set predictable consistent limits but allow children to have control over their own choices. This is important to develop the ability to problem solve, and experience natural and logical consequence. The models also emphasize maintaining a nurturing bond with the child in order to foster healthy emotional and physical development in order for the child to become self-reliant, socially competent, and confident in today’s world.

We will come into your home to evaluate from a third person perspective through observation and assessment and assist as you develop a plan to address your children’s behavioral issues and regain parental authority. We will help you to gain expertise over your own children to create self-reliant, compliant, confident, and responsible children as you develop an emotional stable, resilient, and nurturing family environment.

Some issues may be better addressed through Individual Child or Family Therapy Services. April Thompson is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist providing services located in in Old Town Littleton.

To assist parents in developing nurturing bonds and fostering healthy development with their children.

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